ENKO PLASTICS LTD - Manufacturer of Plastic Transport Packaging

With more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, ENKO® is a leader in the market of returnable plastic material handling solutions.

We are focused on the production of stackable plastic crates, stack/nesting containers, live poultry crates, hygienic flooring, plastic dollies, plastic pallets, and box pallets. We serve the needs of many diverse industries worldwide and strive to intimately understand our clients' requirements!


We offer high quality, safe and hygienic packaging which is both durable and economical. Majority of our crates are produced from plastic materials, certified for direct food contact. ENKO® complies with the E.U. requirements and regulations for food safety handling. To guarantee top quality of our products ENKO PLASTICS LTD holds certificates for ISO 9001:2015 Management System and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System.


Our product range includes a variety of plastic packaging from lightweight/export crates and foldable containers for the food industries to robust multi-use containers, dollies and plastic pallets for the purposes of the logistics, automotive and warehousing. We work hard to supply our current and potential future clients with space-saving storage and transportation options to include Euro stacking containers, E2 crates, stack/nest crates and attached lid containers that integrate with automated warehouse systems. Whether you need crates to shock freeze fruit or plastic dollies for hygienic environments, ENKO® has the solution for you!


To ensure all clients specific needs are met, we have the ability to manufacture our products using many different material options and offer our customers solutions for specific applications such as temperature stability, weight-bearing capacity, impact resistance, etc. We have the ability to customize our current range of products by offering custom color and various labeling and tracking options. If requested, we work with our clients to offer custom-made products, specially designed to meet their requirements.


We execute all orders quickly and reliably – our order-placing process is incomparably fast and hustle free! Serving all our customers directly, we are able to offer quicker and more efficient services – and naturally also the best prices. As an additional service we are happy and offer various product delivery solutions and arrange for the safe and timely transportation of our products to your facilities.

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